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Intellectual Property

in the Blockchain

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Mint your NFTs in your favourite marketplace

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With our artificial intelligence algorithms we protect your assets against copies

How it works

Step 1: Validation prior to minting

We have developed a web service that allows any platform to check if a digital asset is under protection and who its creator is.

We empower platforms so they can discern between quality and authentic content from copies or scams to prevent their mining on the blockchain.

To do this, we have developed artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to detect the content of images, gifs or videos and compare it with the digital assets that are under protection.

The current phase is ready for the Ethereum, BSC and Polygon blockchains, but others such as Solana or Tezos will be integrated at the request of the community.


Step 2: Certification and Protection

By uploading your digital assets to our Epsiloom platform, you will not only take advantage of the protection we offer, but we will also provide you with a certificate of authorship in compliance with the Berne treaty on intellectual property.

Get a digital proof-of-authorship that complies with modern laws.

Step 3: Active guard

Since the blockchain is public and decentralized, it is possible that content is minted outside the common platforms and therefore outside the anti-scam mechanisms that could be developed.

We analyze the content of the blockchain daily to detect any infringement of the intellectual property rights of our users and notify all portals of this fact.

With this active protection, we prevent scammers from being able to sell the fraudulent NFT on any platform.


For who

Epsiloom is primarily aimed at all those people who want to monitor and protect their digital assets (such as NFTs) against fraudulent copies in the different blockchains.

A digital artist may be interested in not having their art plagiarized nor that it be used for derivative works.

A collector probably does not want to see their NFTs copied, pasted or minted on other platforms.

And a marketplace, it is in their interest to eliminate as much as possible. The possible indiscriminate mining of fraudulent NFTs that has been happening in recent months, achieving a better reputation.

Users who trust us

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Join our platform and enjoy all the advantages of our product for free!!

Epsiloom protection process

Signup with us and join our platform

Use your MetaMask wallet or other method to open an account with us (completely for free).

Add your existing NFTs

Add to your Epsiloom account an NFT just adding the blockchain where it was minted, the token-address and token-id.

Receive Alerts

We start checking the different blockchain from the moment you added your NFTs for new minted NFTs. You receive an alert if we find something similar to your NFTs for confirmation.

We report IP violations

We communicate this violation to all possible marketplaces to avoid transactions of that fraudulent NFT and we track it for you.